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Our Mission is to make learning, physical activity and teamwork fun for all!


Our company supports this mission as it strives to become the leading designer and supplier
of social active learning products and services in the world.

Gladiators for Good

We are a small company set up to make a big difference. Covering 4 out of 17 of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


The Founders Story


Gladiator Education was established in 2006 by two childhood friends, Tor Sandnes and Glenn Andersen, as they sought to bring fun physical activity and teamwork to young people in Oslo East; a multicultural area full of talented youths facing a variety of social challenges.


Tor and Glenn collaborated with the Norwegian Department of Education, the Department of Health Services, Oslo City Council, local schools and other local interest organisations on various projects and were inspired by the positive affect of physical activity, team work and social inclusion on children.


In 2009, Glenn and Tor were working with a group of 25 young people using
 football games to encourage team work. By chance the sports equipment shop had not been able to provide 25 balls in the same colour, so they arrived ready to coach the session with 12 blue balls, and 13 red. They decided to put these different colours to good use and rather than working through the football coaching session they had planned, devised a set of physical and theoretical challenges for the young people to take part in. To their delight, they found that this approach encouraged greater participation, even amongst children who did not usually enjoy or engage with physical activity. 


Enthused, they felt they were on to something special, but how could they take this concept and use it to engage children and youth with physical activity and academic learning as well as improve social inclusion. The next morning Glenn arrived at the office with letters and numbers on the balls and the first edition of Aball1 was born. 


News spread of the educational game that combined colours, numbers and letters to encourage team work, physical activity and learning and gradually local schools started to implement the method. Gladiator Education had found their niche.  


In 2010 the Aball1 founders were invited to parliament to present their ideas on social active learning. Gladiator Education became part of Ferd; a group of social entrepreneurs owned by Johan Andresen jr, one of Norway’s most famous and successful private equity investors. From there Gladiator Education has gone on to work closely with many fantastic and inspiring people and organisations, including over a third of all schools in Norway, the Norwegian Football Federation, The National Literacy Trust, Premier League and Championship Football Clubs in the UK, Right to Play, the Red Cross, Malaika and Per Ravn Omdal (UEFA life Vice President), spreading the Social Active Learning message everywhere they go.



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