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Aball1 is our most popular product and utilised in many of our projects.

The Aball1 product series is made up from equipment and resources:

The equipment is a set of 50 balls, 25 red, 25 blue and each with a letter and a number printed on it,

available as a set of size 1 balls (Aball1 Pro) or smaller softballs (Aball1 Softball).

The resources are a catalogue of cross-curricular games teaching numeracy, literacy, science,

health education, physical education and which can be adapted to support almost any subject.

Each game is designed to create an inclusive and fun learning environment

with children working in teams to solve physical and theoretical tasks and challenges.

Aball1 makes learning, physical activity and teamwork fun for all! Check out the video below or visit the Aball1 website for more...


 “Gladiator Education’s Aball1 is the best invention concerning 

physical activity and health. Educational, inclusive and fun - 

every school should have it.”


 Rolf Hansen, Head of Physical Activity,Norwegian Directorate of Health