Projects & Partnerships

Gladiators for Good

We have successfully delivered projects in partnership with schools, NGO's, Football Clubs, Government departments, and Charities including The Norwegian Football Federation, Charlton Athletic, Right to Play and The Red Cross.


Our equipment and resources are program ready.

Gladiator Model


Gladiator Education projects are built around 6 core elements, working collaboratively with our customers and partners​ to tailor these to the specific objectives and budget of the project.


We use a combination of traditional sports and games equipment along with our own bespoke toolkits, such as the best in class Aball1. 


We have produced a catalogue of resources offering an innovative curriculum which support learning objectives across all 5 hands: physical activity, social inclusion, numeracy and mathematics, language and literacy, and other subjects such as health education and science. Resources are available in print and digital format. Digital resource bank coming soon. 


We believe in true and lasting impact. As such, we offer staff and coach training which ensures our equipment and resources can be delivered and continue to have an impact long after we have left. 

Multiple Visits

The principle of exercise states that those things most often repeated are best remembered. It is the basis of practice. Combine this with principles of readiness and effect which our projects deliver and you have a recipe for success. As such, our projects are built around multiple visits, over the course of a term or year.

Measuring Effects and Impact

We measure the success of our projects against the learning objectives agreed with our partners and customers. Quantitative and qualitative monitoring and evaluation provide key insights which can be used to improve delivery at all levels, provides for adaptation to local needs, and informs future programs thus ensuring the continual improvement of services delivered for our customers and partners. 

Ongoing Support

We are dedicated to improving the academic, physical and social development of children and young people everywhere. As part of our commitment to this, we offer ongoing support to all our project partners. 

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Gladiator Education’s 

5 Hand Approach

Gladiator products and services deliver across multiple learning outcomes; physical, social, academic (numeracy, literacy and other subjects). We call these the 5 hands. 


Our projects and toolkits can be tailored to focus on one or two hands or offer a more cross-curricular 5 hand approach, depending on the objectives. 


We have toolkits and resources which raise levels across all 5 hands. 


Check out the case studies in the impact and effects section to see how we bring this to life. 




Mathematics & Numeracy

& Literacy



Previous & Current Project Partners

Official Resellers


The leading International supplier of great value inspirational Early Years, Primary and Secondary school supplies, teaching and educational resources.


Findel International, Hope Education and Davies Sports stock Aball1 Equipment and Resources making our products available worldwide.

UK and Ireland

Foundation Sports are one of the UK and Ireland’s leading activity providers, delivering educational and sports related projects in schools.


Their professional and qualified coaches deliver Aball1 sessions at schools throughout the UK and Ireland.

Norway & Sweden

Trivselsleder are Norway’s biggest activity provider, delivering educational and sports related projects at equipment at schools and youth clubs.


They deliver Gladiator Education designed products and services throughout Norway and Sweden.


Kinect focuses on waking kids up to their unique awesome, through innovative education, taking the classroom outside!


Kinect is an endorsed private provider of successful government initiative Sporting Schools as well as the Official Australian Partner of Aball1.